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2023 Christmas Dinner Catering

With the holiday season upon us, it is time to think about Christmas dinner and celebrating this year! We are finally able to have gatherings (albeit small ones), and with that comes the pure joy and gratitude for being able to spend the holiday with family, friends and loved ones! I have written below my

Traditional Italian Comfort Food with Corinna Murray

On the lookout for hearty and nutritious comfort food for a cold night? Check out Personal Thyme Chef Corinna Murray’s recipe for traditional Pasta e Fagioli, featured in the March edition of Alberta’s Culinaire magazine.

Fresh meals delivered to your Door

Well these are certainly trying times! This pandemic has left us feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and uncertain not only about today and tomorrow, but the future beyond what any of us can fathom. That leaves many without the feelings of safety, security and well being. I am in the same boat as everyone else– prone to

Food Photoshoot – Behind The Scenes

Marketing a website is a lot of work – and a ton of fun! There’s so much that goes into that scrumptious looking photo that you’re drooling over. First of all, you have to plan ahead. Timing-wise, that means that your photos of that really neat spiced cocktail or decadent sticky toffee pudding are shot

Thanksgiving Tips, Tricks & More

Plan— preplan as much as possible, and give yourself enough time for shopping as not all stores carry the same seasonal ingredients. The worst thing to do is become stressed out because you’re short on time! Thaw the bird— thawing time depends on the size of the turkey, however allowing for 2-3 days in the